Who Am I?


Uplinked/ All alone


Greying fast/Years do pass

Red,White and Blue/Synonymous for America hates you

Yearning heart/throwing darts

Born to Birthers

Washed in the blood of Southern Baptist Churches


Goldmanized/terrorized/Told state sanctioned lies

Here today/Gone 401 K

Indefinite Detention/Extraordinary Rendition

Shining stars/Burn out fast/Friends disappear/Time for tears

Turn to the camera/Pretty side-showing

It hurts this knowing

Tell the truth/You’re reporting from a telephone booth

Did you hear that knock on the door?

Wonder who that’s for?

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2 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Lara says:

    Many lovely lines here (“Goldmanized/terrorized/Told some lies”; “It hurts this knowing”…). A moving reflection on the disturbing ways in which the personal truly is political for those who seek answers — and who speak their conscience. The image of a lone soul reporting from the phone booth (“standing in her truth,” as it were) evokes a powerful sense of both estrangement & vulnerability…

  2. Jackie Riskin says:

    Powerful. Beautiful and passionate. Leslie can tell you the truth like no one else can. And she is a poet and a philosopher.

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