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Teens and Anti-Depressants

Millions of American teenagers are taking anti-depressants. Was the Killer in the most recent school shooting on SSRIs? Look at these articles warning against teens taking SSRIs. (prozac…ad infinitum) Now look at other “school shooting” articles. Yet another example of our “Cannibal Nation.” lg

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A Week In September

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Roy called me “Lilly.” It was a pet name hatched on one of those endlessly long days of shooting video, driving around in the van, and eating on the run. We were reporting from the housing projects of San Francisco … Continue reading

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Bodacious Boondoggles

Murdoch/Cheney…at it again.                 It is said those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And, in my experience, to report on it again and again…as if the failures of the past offer no instruction at all. That … Continue reading

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White Trash Garden

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The garden in the front yard angered the neighbors. But it was a while before I noticed their displeasure because it never occurred to me that it would bother anyone. The front yard garden grew like the wrath of God, and … Continue reading

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