Leslie Griffith is a journalist, writer, award-winning former news anchor and producer with three decades of experience. Best known for her time as a reporter and anchor for the multiple-award winning KTVU Ten O’Clock news, she’s reported from around the country and the world on stories ranging from hurricanes, homelessness and the L.A. Riots, to developments inside Gorbachev’s Soviet Union during the Cold War and the plight of orphaned children in Ceausescu’s Romania.

Griffith began her career in print journalism, working for the Associated Press and The Denver Post after receiving a B.A. in English from Sam Houston State in Texas.

Currently an author, producer and independent journalist, she’s contributed  to The Huffington Post, Truthout.org, the San Francisco Chronicle’s  sfgate.com, and Reader Supported News.


2 Edward R Murrow Awards

9 Emmys

National Casey Medal-reporting on exploitation of America’s children

7 Radio Television News Director Association Awards for Reporting

38 Emmy nominations

2011-2012 Writer for Dan Rather

2006 People’s Choice Award for Best Local TV News Anchor (Female) -Oakland Magazine

2005 Associated Press Anchor of the Year

2005 Women in Media Award

2005 National Genesis Award

2005 National Emmy nomination for Writing

2004 Women In Radio & Television Award

2002 Associated Press Commendation for the initial confirmation on 9/11 that the passengers on Flight 93 fought the hijackers

1990-2000 CNN Stringer



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