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Man in the Mirror – How death becomes us

First published in, The Huffington Post and SFgate “City Brites.” Michael Jackson is dead. Now we love him? Farrah Fawcett’s dead. Now we love her? And, finally, in death, a death bed proposal! Death just brings out the best in us all! … Continue reading

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Bullying-Buffed-Up-Times–False Advertising

A journalist learns picking questions carefully is one of the most important tenants of the job. On this particular day, the object of my inquiry was the biggest, meanest, mood-altered, high maintenance-millionaire- bully around. A man I’d worked with on … Continue reading

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Michelle, the Bomb

First published in The Huffington Post Life is  Sweet today. The California sunshine is bright and full and there’s an easy,  warm breeze helping to relax the lump in my throat.  My pride in my country today put some life  … Continue reading

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Cindy McCain: Pretty in Pink

The Huffington Post/7-10The San Francisco Chronicle Do we want our daughters pretty in pink? This story took a week to ferment and bubble to the surface of my psyche. It is directed at women, and it’s about a stupid news … Continue reading

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