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You know a disease or disorder has arrived when it finally gets an acronym! And if the “Grey Lady” prints invitations to a disease’s “coming out party,” it’s too late to send your RSVP. So here’s the NYT’s bulletin: ADD and … Continue reading

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Mouths Almighty—Getting Louder?

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By Leslie Griffith and JP Sottile: In 1982, a patchwork of roughly fifty different companies, corporations and families operated and owned America’s radio stations, television stations and newspapers. Today, the majority of America’s news outlets are controlled by just six … Continue reading

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Cannibal Nation

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What makes people dangerous? Quite simply: people are most dangerous when they have nothing to lose. In 2009, 44 million Americans lived in poverty. By 2010, 45 million barely had enough to eat. They don’t have much to lose, and … Continue reading

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Hammers, Nails and Filibusters

By Leslie Griffith & JP Sottile Mark Twain: “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” The filibuster on the Senate floor was not about selling us anything. No powerful gun lobbies or military contractors interrupted America’s … Continue reading

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